MFP (multifunction printer)

Why Invest in an MFP at Your Office This Year


Small to medium-sized businesses have to make specific, efficient choices when building the business. For example, when choosing office equipment, it might not make sense to have multiple machines in the office, especially if it’s a small space.

That’s why investing in a multifunction printer (MFP) can make sense for your business, but it’s just one reason why – there are a ton of benefits to the all-in-one device for your business. Read on for more.

Does an MFP Increase Profitability?


A multifunction printer is often the central location for productivity in an office. The MFP can bring people together, simplify traffic and workflow, and create one location where people can find a fully functional office operations system.

To complete all office functions in one location, your MFP is the answer to bringing every operation into one place and keep your employees on track for productivity.

Can an MFP Improve Productivity?


Your office is a productive place, but there are a few loopholes where employees can spend more time, extra supplies, and not make the best use of paid time.

The print and copy environment is an excellent example of this. While still accomplishing tasks, sometimes a multifunction printer or MFP can allow a space for inefficiency, especially if it doesn’t work very well, breaks often, or takes long enough that a line may form.

How Printers Can Benefit School Budgets


Academic institutions of all levels are always looking for ways to cut budgets but still offer an excellent product – and the very important product of education at that. However, balancing all the costs and needs of a school is incredibly challenging.

Luckily, there are a few ways that schools can reconsider simple business aspects of the institution to find savings.

MFPs are Not Just for Large Businesses

Printer, copier, scanner. Office table

A multifunction printer may sound like a large-scale machine, but it's a major answer for any size business. If you're a small or medium-sized business, don't think you shouldn't invest in an MFP.

Small Business Solutions

Today's MFP has many roles in the workplace. In addition to providing an all-in-one solution for printing, copying, faxing, and scan to email, the MFP has finishing solutions and security protections to keep you ahead.

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