4 Copiers Issues and Easy Fixes


Copier problems can set a business back significantly, especially if they aren't addressed quickly. You are trying to move fast, present information, communicate ideas and changes, and if you can't use the copier - it impacts your entire operations.

Save yourself the hassle of copier frustrations with these easy fixes. Also, the best way to always stay ahead of office equipment issues is to partner with a reliable vendor so you can always reach out if you're having trouble.

What Can Go Wrong

The four copier issues that come up the most often include:

  1. Copier overuse

    This one may seem obvious, but just like anything else, if your copier is constantly stretched in volume and use, it's going to break down. Making sure the machine is reset regularly is a good step, or you may need to consider having more than one copier if it's used constantly throughout the day.

  2. Overusing high-quality output

    Draft mode can save your copier. Make sure your teams use draft mode instead of high quality whenever possible.

  3. The wrong toner

    Using the wrong toner or having too little toner in your machine can make it very difficult for a copier to operate at its full capacity. The machine may also be stretching the toner available, until it breaks down. Double-check with your vendor that you have the right toner.

  4. Improper paper loading

    Loading paper the wrong way or using the wrong paper is another easy fix. Make sure your employees are clear on the importance of matching up paper to the copier and the right feeder.

How to Fix it

Above are the easy fixes, but if you are constantly facing copier issues, you may want to work with professionals to find the real problem and help you get your copier up and totally functional.

Another Option

It's possible that your copier is outdated or not using advanced technology. That's okay, but if that's the case, it's time to talk to Usherwood Office Technologies about an upgrade and learn how it can streamline your workflows and optimize your business. Get in touch today.