4 New Security Features for Your Office


Security for the digital side of your company may seem like an endless search – there are always updates and new features to invest in.

However, partnering with a rock-solid team for security can make it easier to keep up with such advancements. The truth is, cybersecurity is essential for your business and is not something that is going away. It’s only becoming more serious.

With that, let’s discuss why it’s essential, and cover a few new features that will make security a breeze for you.

Why Office Updates Matter

It’s not just software. Protecting your data, equipment, and hard drives also mean that you are taking the essential steps to look out for your employees, customers, and overall business operations. The impacts are significant, and security is more critical than ever before.

Since it is so much more than just the right software, here are four new security features for your office that simplify your security solutions, find the right partners and answers and help you to move into the next realm of business growth without worrying about the digital back end.

1. Managed IT

Managed IT services are one of the top security features that businesses can invest in. Teaming up with a group of expert IT professionals means that your company can relax a bit – managed IT will have you covered for software updates, threat advisories, new risks, and other proactive management of cybersecurity. It’s the best investment you could make.

2. Improved Software Upgrades

With managed IT, you can also take advantage of better software upgrades. Instead of just fixing one bug or redoing a code, when office software is updated with a team of pros, it can make a difference.

3. Printer Security

Don’t ignore printer security! From wiping your hard drive to protecting what people print, this feature can go farther to make your office safe.

4. Proactive Management

Overall, the top feature for cybersecurity is to be proactive. With Managed IT, printer security, and better upgrades, you’re there.

Stay Ahead

At Usherwood Office Technology, we want every office to have high-quality security they can rely on. It shouldn’t be an ongoing stressor. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your office, contact us.

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