Axis Video Surveillance Solutions for Education

Promote a safe learning environment that will leverage your school for future growth.

How can Axis promote a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff?

It is important that when people enter their school or institution, as a student, teacher, faculty, or visitor, they feel safe. Having an effective and efficient security solution is a great step to combat bullying, vandalism, theft, and absenteeism within your school, ultimately creating a more comfortable and successful learning environment.

Cameras can be placed in a multitude of areas throughout the building, both indoors and outdoors. Some of those areas include:

  • Hallways and corridors.
  • Classrooms, computer rooms, and labs.
  • Cafeterias, libraries, and sports facilities.
  • Entrances and exits.
  • Parking lots and other outdoor school property.

Why should you use Axis Video Surveillance Solutions to keep your school safe?

Highly Reliable: Axis Camera are recording any time that motion is detected. This ensures that any activity detected will be captured, while also saving storage space by not recording if it does not need to be. You can choose to have the cameras surveilling at any time, but the longer they are on the more storage space that is taken up. The cameras are also weather-proof to ensure the elements never diminish the quality and reliability of the cameras.

Faster investigations/minimized bandwidth: Axis cameras have motion detector sensors, which means the camera will record when something is happening to ensure storage space is not being used if it does not need to be. If an incident takes place, you can see when it occurred and who is responsible. There are also automatic alerts so that no incident goes unmissed- you will be aware and can respond much quicker.

Discreet security: Axis has a range of different cameras, so that you can choose which is the best for your specific environment. The traditional cameras are the dome cameras which present a clear, visible security presence in your facility. If you want a camera that has a low profile, Axis has cameras that can be disguised as common interior fixtures.

Enhanced View: Axis Corridor Format automatically gives maximum coverage for a long view of vertical areas such as hallways, staircases, and aisles.

Remote Accessibility: You can access live camera footage at any time if the device is authorized. Any video can be captured or distributed over any kind of IP network or the internet.

Controlled access: Enhance your security on-site by controlling who can and cannot access your building. Axis products for video surveillance and door control allow you to either allow or prohibit access of people into the building. This control access keeps unwanted intruders from getting inside and ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed in.

Enables remote accessibility: Not only are you able to increase security and incentivize more well-behaved students, but you can also use axis live streaming cameras to live stream ceremonies, or broadcast school activities.

Prepare your school for whatever the future may hold.

Axis Cameras can better your school environment in a multitude of ways. Providing maximum protection to students, staff, and property with an integrated security solution allows the school environment to focus on what really matters, teaching and educating students. Their live streaming cameras also ensure that you can be prepared for whatever is thrown at you.