Linda Bowers Retirement

Linda Bowers Retirement

Please join us in congratulating Linda Bowers in her retirement from Usherwood Office Technology. Linda has worked with Usherwood for almost 19 years as a Lease Administrator working out of our Syracuse, NY office.

“Linda is hardworking, disciplined, and loyal throughout the years and her perseverance on behalf of the company has not been overlooked. We certainly thank Linda for everything she has given us and we wish there were a lot more Linda Bowers out there. Linda has been an inspiration and I’d like to thank her for the time she has given my company,” says Lou Usherwood, President and CEO, and continued with, “Usherwood’s goal is to hire the best people at the right time and have them have long careers with us.”

Linda has been awarded the Midnight Oil Award in 2018, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

Linda shares a fun memory of her time at Usherwood: “The magic mantra has always been to ‘bill more’ and ‘get the sales team to sell more.’  I was told by Lou to be careful what I wished for.  Little did I know that we were poised to expand into a new market area by opening a new office.  Since then, there have been many offices opened with plans for even more.”

During her retirement, Linda’s hope is to work on her memoir for her daughters, devote more time on her genealogy, work on her landscaping, complete many DIY projects, travel throughout the country and eventually become snowbirds in Las Vegas, NV.

In recognition of Linda’s efforts, Usherwood has retired her jersey as is tradition and we want to wish Linda the best in health and happiness for the future.