Why are Unified Communications the future of communicating?

What are Unified Communications

Unified Communication (UC) makes interacting with people as effortless as having a conversation in person. Communicating virtually has become a standard practice in most, if not all industries. For many employees, the desk is just one of many locations where work gets done, and Unified Communications is built around where the end-user is, rather than where the desk phone is. Even more so, with the 2020 COVID pandemic having occurred, people are beginning to consider remote work as the new normal. If this is the case, Unified Communication may be the solution to your business needs. Unified Communication can be integrated with ease and promotes simple collaboration.

Value in Unified Communications

Increased Productivity Collaboration: Rich, Fortune 500 grade features help you communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Ease of Use: Voice, video, screen sharing, and messaging is combined into a single, seamless user experience.

Lower Costs: Preserve your capital, reduce system expenses, and cut all operating costs.

Reliability and support:Enterprise-grade redundant data centers increase reliability and minimize latency.

Business continuity: Unexpected outages should not stop communication.

Why should I adopt a Unified Communications solution?

Promote collaboration

A Unified Communication solution makes it easy to communicate with others, no matter where you or those you are communicating reside. Whether it be in two different offices in your building, on different floors, in different cities, or in different countries, you can communicate virtually with anyone at any time.

Team members in any remote location can work on projects and collaborate by using cloud-based sharing and live video conferencing. Having this seamless way to communicate means less wasted time and an efficient way to work that will not only benefit individual team members, but the business as a whole.

Seamless workflows

You no longer have to search for files in different places. With Unified Communications, you can store all your data and files in one place. Not to mention everything gets automatically saved, so there is less risk of losing important information.

Along with files, important conversations, phone calls, and messages are also stored with Unified Communications solution. There is little risk of missing a conversation. You are able to answer calls or messages in real time or when your schedule allows. In addition, conversation history can be kept in order to reference at a later date.

Enhance your service experience for clients

Make it easier for your clients to get in touch with you. With Unified Communications all your conversations and calls with your clients will be stored. This way you will never forget an interaction took place ensuring that important client information is not forgotten or overlooked. You can also make sure that calls get routed directly to a specific resource without delay. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to speak with the right person. Using Unified Communications to keep track of important call data and providing easy access to resources, saves everyone time and ensures you will have a satisfied consumer in the end.

What’s Next?

Save your business and your clients from an unsatisfactory experience by using Unified Communications. Get ready to take on the future and whatever it throws at you with a scalable solution that will enhance workflow, promote seamless collaboration between team members, and ultimately make for a happy client. If you would like to know how to take the next step in setting up Unified Communications for your business, reach out to a Managed Service Provider to review your specific situation and they can provide you roadmap to your ideal solution.