Why PR Firms Need Managed Services

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Public relations specialists spend a lot of time focusing on the specifics of their jobs - building relationships and communicating with a variety of people.

In today's world, this also means being savvy with technology and knowing how to operate on different systems to meet clients where they are.

Managed IT to the Rescue

Staying ahead of technology means also staying ahead of security, risk management, and potential threats. What PR firm has time for that? Everyone is so busy, it would be impossible.

Managed IT comes in at this juncture - the business has the tools, but needs expert support in operating everything and ensuring that the organization doesn't have problems. Managed IT includes a team of experts who monitor, evaluate, and protect your networks and software programs.

PR and IT

Here's how managed IT can benefit any PR organization.

  • Priorities - PR firms often need something fixed immediately, because there are time sensitive issues to respond to. The managed IT team will always prioritize needs.

  • Backup Solutions - Don't lose critical information if there's an outage or data problem. Get backup solutions to be secure in knowing that things are always covered.

  • Cloud Access - Access files anywhere, at any time, to deal with any crisis. It's practically the definition of PR.

  • Outsourcing - Send the technical work to experts off site to save money, time, and space.

Let's Partner for Success

No need to worry if something is covered, protected, or monitored - your managed IT team is on top of it. Time to get your managed IT team together - time to get in touch with Usherwood.