Managed Communications

Business Phone Systems in Manchester NH

Communications is the lifeblood of your company. Oftentimes it is the difference between success and failure. Usherwood supports a myriad of unified communications products from business phone systems, video conferences, digital signage, IT services, security cameras, and surveillance equipment. We have leveraged our legacy in Managed IT to create solutions that allow our clients business’ to thrive and grow into the future and we support all of these IT solutions with a three-tiered service model that keeps your company up and running.

Business Phone Systems Manchester NH Business Phone Systems

For most employees, the desk is just one of many locations where work gets done, and Unified Communications is built around where the end-user is, rather than where the desk phone is. From business phone systems Manchester, Boston and Syracuse businesses can rely on to messaging systems and collaboration tools, our solutions encompass it all. Our communications systems and tools are integrated for ease of use and simple collaborating. Our business phone systems and other unified communication solutions benefit our clients by empowering them to work effectively from remote and branch locations resulting in a much more collaborative environment.

Video Conferencing Video Conferencing

Our IT solutions integrate with our client’s present business phone systems and networks and create an immersive environment for video conferencing. From corporate board rooms, conference rooms, or smaller huddle rooms, our solutions provide the best in class for both audio and video. Turn your present meeting room into a collaborative environment that turns your televisions into smartboards for the sharing of ideas. Usherwood professionals are trained to provide expertise in designing and planning video conference networks.

Digital Signage Digital Signage

Usherwood improves our client’s images by providing software and hardware solutions that allow them to communicate with their employees in ways they never could. Whether it’s to better craft your corporate image or to alert important company data to all employees, then digital signage is an excellent medium to get your message across. Usherwood professionals are trained to design and plan the optimum digital signage strategy for your business.

Security Cameras Security Cameras & Surveillance Equipment

In a dynamic workplace, the need for more security has never been more prevalent. Video security cameras offer several different benefits from deterring crime and improving employee productivity. Usherwood’s clients benefit from our Odyssey Tracker which has the ability to alert both motion and noise and sends those alerts to our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for fast remediation. Our surveillance equipment and solutions also track both facial and license plate recognition.

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