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At Usherwood, we understand that the need for tight security plays a vital role in the modern office. We provide the latest security cameras and technology to businesses throughout the Northeast to help set your mind at ease and protect your business. Security cameras can serve multiple benefits for Buffalo, Boston, Rochester, Syracuse, and Providence organizations. In addition to serving as a deterrent from crime, they can also help improve employee productivity by further promoting accountability. Simply knowing that security cameras are there can oftentimes result in an increase in employee efficiency while making others think twice about engaging in questionable activity. We service and stock a local inventory of security cameras from a dozen offices.

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In addition to our wide selection of security cameras, we also provide a variety of surveillance equipment and solutions from leading manufacturers.  Our surveillance equipment and solutions come with the most high-tech functionality, including the capability of both facial and license plate recognition for better protection and security. We service our customers from a dozen locations from Syracuse to Boston, Rochester, and Buffalo and would be happy to address the best methods of tightening security and surveillance for your company.

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