eGoldFax in the Home Office

What if I told you that you that you could bring your office home with you? What if that included not only your PC, but your ability to communicate with and see your co-workers and contacts all from your desk? What if I told you that even the ability to fax was within your reach all from the comfort of your home and without additional hardware?

Working from Home - The Cybersecurity Edition

So, your organization has decided to work from home, likely in response to COVID-19 and the pandemic we are all facing. I know, you were expecting pajama pants, slippers, and total comfort. Turns out that, while yes you have those things, it’s just like regular work. Only now it feels like you were separated from the group, almost as if you did something wrong. On top of that? What about security? Are we not facing the ever-present threat of that bad guys trying to get at our personal info, and other protected data?

4 Ways Managed Print Makes a Difference to Real Estate Companies


Real estate is booming with an active economy, a seller's market, and more agents than ever before. While the industry is enjoying a busy time, that means it's more important than ever to invest in the operations and workflow of your company to ensure that your team is as productive, efficient, and effective as they can be.

Embrace Working from Home

With the increasing focus on health, and the outbreak of the most recent coronavirus, working from home is becoming more top of mind. In addition to that the need to wash your hands and stop touching your face (I seriously touch my face way more than I ever realized). Case in point? I am working from home while writing this. Rather than take my germs in to work, I decided to work remotely.

What to Expect from Your Managed IT Services


Whether you have managed IT services or not, it’s important to have a good understanding of what you should expect from the service. If you already have invested in managed IT, this can help ensure that you are getting the most from your partnership.

If managed IT hasn’t yet been a priority, it’s a good check-in to know what you can get out of the features, service, and tech management collaboration.

Can an MFP Improve Productivity?


Your office is a productive place, but there are a few loopholes where employees can spend more time, extra supplies, and not make the best use of paid time.

The print and copy environment is an excellent example of this. While still accomplishing tasks, sometimes a multifunction printer or MFP can allow a space for inefficiency, especially if it doesn’t work very well, breaks often, or takes long enough that a line may form.

How to Save Money on Office Copiers


The office copier - or any office equipment- is an essential part of the office environment, because it helps business flow. For meetings, collaboration, and innovation, employees need to be able to print, copy, scan, fax, and email documents to essential coworkers and partners.

While the equipment is essential, there is the chance that your copier may cost more than you think. It’s probably time to run some numbers and see what hidden copier and printer costs you are paying that can easily be eliminated.


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