Our Process

Odyssey Global IT services

Our exclusive Odyssey Global IT Services result in a seven-step process architecture designed to optimize, secure, and stabilize our client's network infrastructure.

Odyssey Consult

Our Solutions Architects begin the process by having our prospects answer 10 questions that are designed to evaluate the opportunity for a successful relationship. It is important that Usherwood and our potential clients manage IT solutions in a proper fashion to create foundational elements of our relationship.

Odyssey Discovery

Usherwood engineers perform a thorough 360° view of our client's network performance resource and allow us to isolate network security vulnerabilities that could compromise our prospect's success. This is a paid assessment and delivers a 3-year roadmap to prospective clients of IT services Rochester, Boston and all the Northeast trust. This roadmap becomes the property of our clients regardless of whether they engage further with Usherwood.

Odyssey Navigator

Odyssey Navigator provides our prospective clients with a clear pathway to IT success. We point out security threats, map out the entire infrastructure, and make recommendations that will immediately augment our client's capabilities across multiple IT platforms. These platforms include server, firewalls, network bandwidth, print, video conference, security & surveillance, and others.

Odyssey Tracker

Proactively alerts our technicians and engineers of upcoming issues so we may resolve them in a timely manner. This process reduces downtime and allows Usherwood to optimize our clients' networks and IT support services.

Odyssey Optimize

Utilizes the roadmap from the discovery phase and acts upon those recommendations. We optimize and improve our client's network utilizing this process designed to maximize and standardize our client's technology in order to assure maximum availability, security, and mobility.

Odyssey Aegis

Our team has you covered with Aegis! Our client's networks are secure, stable, and continuously optimized throughout the lifetime of our relationship! This is what sets Usherwood apart in the office technology industry.

Odyssey Roadmap

We collaborate to meet your goals and objectives! Odyssey Roadmap positions our clients to meet the challenges of the future by reviewing quarterly progress toward real business objectives. We recommended infrastructure IT solutions that augment continued future success and stability based on the goals of our clients.