4 Common Copier Problems and How to Fix Them


Copiers definitely make our lives easier, but there are often issues (even ongoing issues) that can make your office equipment less efficient.

Luckily, most problems are easy to fix and working with a reliable vendor partner like Usherwood Office Technology makes it simple to fix any copier, or any other equipment issue, that you have in your office.

Copiers in Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Copiers are essential in a small to medium sized business. Sure, maybe you were working from home for a while, but it probably helped your company to recognize that sharing information in a variety of ways - not just via email - is critical to company success.

Your copy machine is important for communications with clients, businesses, employees, and for events and meetings. If you are having copier problems, you want to get them fixed immediately.

Common Problems and Solutions

Common problems with copiers include:

  • Disconnected machines

  • Network problems

  • Color issues

  • Paper jams

  • Cleaning issues like smudges, streaks, or scratches

  • Slow output

  • Low volume

If you are experiencing any of these copier issues, first of all, take a few quick measures like:

  • Clean the machine

  • Check input and output

  • Double check network and wall connectivity

  • Talk to your vendor partner

If those simple fixes don't work, you may need to talk to your vendor partners at Usherwood Office Technology to get ahead of the issues once and for all.

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