4 Things to Do When Your Copier Lease is Up


Your copier lease is almost up, and it seems like decision time - do you renew? Do you renegotiate? Do you purchase a machine? There are many questions, especially when office operations are different for the time being, and it's hard to know how workflows and hard copy use will change in the next few years.

One thing you can know for sure is that copiers aren't going anywhere. We thought it would flame out with email and digital communications, but people still need to print and copy the materials we need to see and review hard copy. So - what to do when your lease is ending? Follow along here.

Evaluate Business Operations

First, you'll want to evaluate your business operations. Is your volume the same, lower, or increasing? Is your team working more productively, using the copier as needed, or do they need other features? How else can your equipment support your operations and efficiency?

Asking these key questions will lead you into the four things to do when your lease is up.

What to Do

When your lease is officially ending, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Talk to a trusted vendor partner like Usherwood Office Technology to decide your next step.

  2. Sign a letter of intent if you are looking not to renew your agreement, so everyone is on the same page with the contract ending.

  3. Check the condition of the machine and review the contract agreement.

  4. Return the equipment.

Who Can Help?

Talk to the professionals at Usherwood Office Technology to help you figure out the next step for your copier. Is it time to buy or upgrade? Maybe it's time to find a new lease? Let our team help you - get in touch today.