5 Must Have Printer Security Features


Everyone takes digital security seriously in today's workforce, and that includes print security. Print security is a big deal in any business because your printer processes and stores a lot of data, and printers are network connected and more digitally accessible than ever before.

Print security needs to cover all aspects of printing while keeping your data protected. Read on for the features you'll want when you update or invest in print security for your multifunction printer.

Get What Your Office Needs

Your five must-have print security features are easy to find when you work with an expert print team and know what your business needs. Here's how to get what you need from print security: ask for these non-negotiable features.

  1. Network monitoring and oversight

  2. User authentication

  3. Data encryption

  4. Security processes and features

  5. Follow me printing - or non-automatic printing

Print Security is Essential

Print security is necessary for any business. From data to hard drives to documents on the feeder, you want to ensure that your business, personnel, and organizational information is stored safely, protected, and secured.

Also, print security can change regularly, and it will often need new upgrades, advancements, and features. Working with a reliable vendor team will help you stay on top of print security changes and needs.

Secure Your Office Today

Your print security is a critical element of your business success. Without all aspects of print secured and your data protected, your business will constantly be at risk of hacks and breaches. The security and print experts at Usherwood Office Technology have you covered. Reach out to Usherwood to secure your print environment and your business.