Copiers in an Open Office


Copiers are an important part of any office, but they are, if possible, even more important in an open office plan. You have to find the best place to put the machine, think of new ways to make sure everyone can quickly and easily access it, and generally make sure that the copier is still working for you no matter what else is going on. Today, we'll explore answers to all these problems and more.

The Loyal Copier

When it comes to copiers in an open office plan, you'll probably want to take a few tips from the managed print playbook. Managed print prioritizes a streamlined, organized workflow that is based on the physical layout of your workplace, meaning that you can make your copier fit into your company in more ways than one. It's not just about how the copier impacts your budget or efficiency--it's also about how the copier fits into your space and how everyone can interact with it.

Wondering how you can create a comfortable "flow" in your open office so that the loyal copier can keep doing its job? Here are a few ideas.

1) Organize the entire space.

It's important to ensure that you've created an open workspace where everyone can collaborate, share, communicate, and--perhaps most importantly--make copies. This requires that you organize your office carefully, taking note of the best placement for every desk, trash can, and copy machine.

2) Encourage teamwork.

Copying doesn't have to be a lonely endeavor. The most efficient open offices have machines placed in such a way that employees can collaborate even while one is standing at the copier, just in case questions come up along the way.

3) Be noise-sensitive.

One potential problem with an open office plan is that the noise can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Take this into account when coming up with processes for using the copier, since these machines might add to the symphony of distracting office sounds.

It's easy to get the most benefit out of a copier in your open office. For more tips and tricks like these, contact us today!