eGoldFax in the Home Office

What if I told you that you that you could bring your office home with you? What if that included not only your PC, but your ability to communicate with and see your co-workers and contacts all from your desk? What if I told you that even the ability to fax was within your reach all from the comfort of your home and without additional hardware?

A few weeks ago that might have seemed like fantasy, or at least out of reach for you. Now? It’s the reality many of us are faced with. Working from home isn't new it’s something that was normal even before the pandemic, but faxing? That isn't something that many at home workers have access to.

eGoldFax is a product that is fully cloud-based, needs no additional hardware, and no software to install. It’s a monthly service that lets you use your own email to send and receive and allows for the porting of your current fax numbers. Unlimited users, multiple fax lines, and the portal for eGoldFax allows you to view and keep faxes.

Working from home is a new norm, and your need to fax and receive faxes doesn’t have to be a another sacrifice. Let us help and we can have this solution setup in less than a day. We are all in this together, and we can help make it easier for you.