Ensuring a HIPAA Compliant Office

printer with security card

Becoming HIPAA compliant can be a large undertaking for a business owner, and making sure that no vulnerabilities that expose confidential information exist is the most crucial part. Protecting access to any computers in the building is obvious, but there are other technological components that are crucial to examine in these situations. While some business owners are surprised to learn it, there are many ways that a printer or copier can expose an office to HIPAA violations. In order to make sure that an office is HIPAA compliant, there might be a need to upgrade to a newer model that incorporates the features needed to keep information protected. A few of the factors to take into consideration include:


In order to ensure HIPAA compliance, it's important to have the printer in a secure area where only authorized employees can access it. This stops the possibility of vendors and visitors who come through the office peeking at the documents that print. Analyze the space you have available in a secure location and select a printer that will fit.

Secure Access

A password protected hard drive also helps to prevent confidential documents from being seen by anyone who doesn't have access. Throughout the workday, employees may send jobs to the printer with the intention of picking them up later, which can leave confidential information sitting exposed. With a secure hard drive, employees can send print jobs to the printer, but they will not process until the person's password is inputted at the keypad. This ensures they are physically present and ready to grab the document after it prints out.

Hard Drive Storage

Most modern printers have a hard drive that stores files and documents until they are printed out. If this hard drive is never wiped, it makes an easy target for hackers and other information thieves. Try to select a printer that incorporates hard drive deletion so you can remove private files once you're done printing them.

If you're looking for a new printer or copier to ensure full HIPAA compliance in your office, contact Usherwood Office Technology today. Our team can help you find the right technology for your needs and budget.