Hospitals Need Managed Print for These Key Reasons


Investing in managed print is essential for any business looking to save money, but healthcare is more in need of managed print services than most other industries. Why? Because healthcare is a heavy document industry that is slowly moving away from hard copy practices. By getting the print environment under control and significantly reducing print costs with managed print, hospitals can save up to 30% of print costs and cut waste and spending quickly.

Cost management matters for any business, but even more for businesses like healthcare. Cut the fat where it's easy and doesn't impact patients, staff, or physicians by fixing your print environment with managed print.

What Does Managed Print Look Like in Healthcare

In hospitals, managed print would streamline print supply ordering and analyze print data. With the reduction of excessive admin tasks like supply ordering, your staff can be more productive and not spend time on unimportant tasks. With the print data, you can understand who is printing, how much they print and evaluate if the printing is necessary or needs to be addressed.

Why Managed Print

The key reasons to switch to managed print are easy.

  1. Save money and cut print spending.

  2. Reduce waste and supply costs.

  3. Streamline workflows and organize administrative tasks.

  4. Get your unruly print environment under control.

In hospitals, it can be easy to overlook costs like printing because you may think they aren't too high. You'll want to rethink that - printing costs can balloon to a considerable portion of your budget. Managed print is the only way to save and get your print environment in order.

Making the Switch

Ready to go? Switch your hospital or healthcare practice to managed print by working with Usherwood Office Technology. We're here for any questions - reach out today.