How to Know if Leasing Copiers is Right For You

equipment leasing

Leasing may be a great choice for companies of all shapes and sizes, but how do you know if it's right for you? Let's find out!

The Power of a Lease

Like a machine, a company has a lot of moving parts that need to work together in order for the business to succeed. Take, for example, your copiers. A perfect copier will fit into your workflow, your work space, your security processes, your existing network, and even your managed print goals--and it won't put too much strain on your budget, either. That's a lot of boxes to check off! Luckily, when you choose to lease your copiers, it's easier than ever to make sure you get all of these things and more, all with the added luxury of being able to upgrade the machine to keep up with your changing needs.

Despite all this, many companies still aren't sure how to be sure that a lease is right for them. To make it easy, just read through these questions--and if you answer yes to any of them, a lease is perfect for your business!

  • 1) Do you have a tight budget?

Smaller businesses have smaller budgets, but not smaller goals. That's why a lease is the perfect solution. By allowing you to pay over time and sometimes even negotiate your terms, leasing copiers makes you flexible and financially comfortable.

  • 2) Do you feel like you're falling behind the times?

Owning copiers means that you're stuck with whatever the "newest" technology was at the time of the purchase. When you lease, though, you can upgrade your copiers and keep up with the latest tech--all without hurting your budget!

  • 3) Do you worry about copier maintenance?

Whether you feel like you lack the expertise or you don't think your budget would be able to cover a repair, a lease has got you covered. Maintenance and repair agreements cover all this and more, taking the responsibility off your shoulders.

So, is leasing copiers the right choice for you? Contact us today to find out!