How Much is Data Worth?

Business man with calculator

Hackers have become much more advanced in recent years and are running criminal enterprises that can operate as a source of income. That's right - stealing your company data can be big business for these bad actors, and protecting your business is more essential than ever.

Protect Your Data Assets

Data is a major asset to hackers. Think for a second about the last time you were alerted that your information may have been involved in a data breach. Odds are, it probably wasn't that long ago.

Information has a price tag, and no matter what industry you are in, you'll want to protect your data. Values of data range from $20-50 per selection for medical records to $1 per government and personal file. When you multiply that by the volume of breaches every day and how many records are involved, you see that it is a lucrative business.

That means there's no sense in waiting any longer to ensure your records and information are protected proactively and with regular updates.

Security Starts with Managed IT Services

How to make sure you have top-notch security across your network and your devices? Because of the constantly changing world of data theft and hacking, outsourcing your IT services is the best option. Managed IT services provide security-focused updates and coverage, so your in-house IT team can keep working on the troubleshooting. It's the safest, most secure way to invest in IT and security.

Save Your Business

Your business may depend on managed IT services - for security, functionality, and protecting your business going forward. Make it easy to stay afloat without worrying about what could happen if there was a security breach - with managed IT services, you'll be on top of it the whole time. Talk to Usherwood Office Technology today.