Managed IT Services: Proactive vs. Reactive IT Solutions

Turned a cube and changed the word reactive to proactive.

Do you know the difference between proactive and reactive IT solutions? Do you know which ones is better for your company and why? Today, we'll answer these questions and more with a little help from managed IT services!

Two IT Approaches

There are two basic approaches to just about everything: proactive and reactive. You're probably familiar with them in everyday life; for example, if you buy an ice cream cone on a hot day, the proactive solution is to eat it in the shade before the melting even begins, while the reactive solution is to grab a napkin after it's already melted all over your shirt.

However, put those approaches in an IT environment, and suddenly they get a bit more complicated. After all, most tech issues aren't as easy to spot as a melting ice cream cone--so how do you know the difference between proactive and reactive solutions?

Let's find out.

Proactive IT

Proactive IT is the managed IT services approach. It's all about anticipating problems before they arise, choosing solutions that will minimize downtime, and creating tech environments that aren't prone to constant failure. This approach saves time and money while eliminating the stress of modern technology, improving everything from efficiency to security.

Reactive IT

Reactive IT is what you do when you don't have the tools, expertise, or time necessary to handle every little issue. You slap bandages over problems instead of solving them at their source. You put out fires instead of turning off the gas. Essentially, your IT environment is in charge instead of you--and because you have so much other work to do, you may not even realize that your approach is reactive instead of proactive.


Proactive IT solutions address problems before they arise, like taking your ice cream cone into the shade, while the best a reactive IT solution can hope for is to enjoy a few licks before all the ice cream melts. It can be difficult to tell the approaches apart, especially if you're managing your own IT--which is why managed IT services can do a world of good for your company, your tech, and, yes, your metaphorical ice cream cone.

Worried you're reactive instead of proactive? Want some help from managed IT services? Contact us today!