A New Way to Choose MFPs

Buying a new MFP for your office is a huge task, not least because this device is so important in your day-to-day workflow. Not to worry--there's a new way to choose the perfect MFP for your office that can make the whole job simpler, smoother, and maybe even kind of fun.

MFP Matchmaking

Any managed print expert will tell you that the perfect printer isn't something that you just stumble upon; in order to get the most benefit at the most efficient price, you have to do some serious research and a little bit of self-reflection--almost like printer matchmaking. If the process is starting to seem a little complicated, don't worry--just try changing the way you think about MFPs. Instead of asking "what can this printer do for us," start asking "what can this printer help us achieve?" This simple change in tactics can help you focus on the important stuff and sort out which printers are perfect and which are "just alright."

Ready to get started? Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect MFP!

  • Tip #1: How much do you print?

You absolutely need an MFP that can effectively handle your highest print volume. Make sure you pay attention to how much you print as well as how often, and you'll be that much closer to finding the perfect MFP.

  • Tip #2: What do you print?

If you print in color all the time, you're going to have specific needs, while if you prefer to focus on advanced finishing options, you'll have a very different list of priorities. Remember, your ideal printer won't just finish tasks, but will help you achieve your goals in new and efficient ways.

  • Tip #3: What feels right?

At the end of the day, there are some things that a lot of research and analysis can't help with. For example, which printer feels easiest to use? Which one works with your existing devices and fits into any workflows you're planning for the future? Which MFP feels like it can help you do more great things?

Want to try out this new way of choosing MFPs? We're happy to help--contact us today!