Tips to Find the Best Copier Dealer Near You

signing a contract

Looking for a new copier, but not sure where to shop? It’s probably been a while since you last purchased a photocopier, so it’s confusing to start again when technology, purchasing, and features are all different. 

All Dealers Are Not the Same

Remember this first – the vendor partner you work with matters. They determine your contract, they help you research features and needs, and they agree on the maintenance and repairs aspects of the purchase. Usherwood knows this matters, and that’s why they provide experts to answer questions, review options and address your needs. 

Getting the right machine often starts with the right partner, so take a moment to call and chat with the company you’re looking to work with. Then, here are some considerations moving forward. 

What to Look For

This is individual – what does your office need in a copier? What features would make work easier and more efficient for your employees? How can you combine other critical elements like security in your machine?

What to Ask

The most important questions to ask are the ones that ensure you’re getting the right machine for you. 

From there, you’ll want to address:

  • What does the maintenance contract look like?
  • What do supplies cost? How often are they ordered?
  • How does this boost our security?
  • Is this compatible with our network?
  • Does this include the features my business needs?
  • What are your guidelines for providing support?

Whom to Work With

Working with a good team is critical, like the professionals at Usherwood. When focusing on copier features, upgrades, and technology, you want to be able to trust that your vendor partner understands precisely what your business is looking for, your budget, and your essential needs. It’s worth a call to see if the skilled team of experts is a good match for you.