What are HP Workpath apps?

HP Workpath apps offer a variety of capabilities for streamlined digitization workflows and securing confidential information—while creating an intuitive user experience. The HP cloud connector apps can be used to scan to and print from a specific cloud account using the printer control panel. By providing a direct connection between the HP printer and the cloud account, the HP app optimizes workflows and worker efficiency.

Allows the user to scan and print from:

  • Google Drive
  • One Drive / HP For One Drive for Business
  • Box
  • SharePoint

What are the benefits of HP Workpath apps?

Reduced Workflow Steps

Working directly in the MFP touchscreen interface eliminates unnecessary steps during handling of each document. By reducing the number of steps and offering a single sign on, Workflow apps can save you time and money. It helps to create substantial time saving across user groups and over time by eliminating several small steps. This also improves users’ ability to quickly search for their digital content and send files electronically.

Users can easily convert paper into digital content which helps organizations to accelerate digitalization. Improving access to content while simplifying document processing supports today's mobile workforce. Streamlining workflows also reduces the changes of data entry errors, especially when processing many documents.

Integrating apps into existing MFPs maximizes value for teams and may even reduce the need for additional office equipment, such as desktop computers to support document processing.

Designed for Security

Instead of exposing sensitive data in emails and hard drives, scans can be securely transferred from the MFP to the third-party repository. The app is protected by HP Sure Start, which blocks attacks against the core platform. Each app runs inside a “container” on the device, which can only connect with networks through APIs that are determined by HP.

The app is actively monitored, and any outdated apps are revoked which helps ensure access only to apps that are safe versions. Overall, this minimizes app administration and means that only apps selected by the organization's management are installed- helping you save time and money.

Intuitive experiences

Users enjoy the familiar look, feel, and functions they are used to seeing in their third-party software. Apps are integrated into the MFP touchscreen much like mobile device apps. Instead of relying on a computer to connect paper documentation with content systems, the MFP can now connect directly to systems and dramatically simplify workflow processes.

Users can send scanned images to their chosen destination or print documents directly from the MFP control panel. Workpath apps are designed to easily integrate with typical cloud repositories such as Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business SharePoint®, as well as commonly used industry-specific solutions like iManage, Clio, Sage, and Concur.3 Apps range from those offering basic functions, such as delivering scans to a repository, to apps that allow for some customization, to those developed specifically for one unique use. This ability to hyper customize means that some apps may only be offered in applicable locations. The robust security measures in Workpath mean that apps have been tested for vulnerabilities. Each app is HP is digitally signed and whitelisted, helping you to be sure that it's still in its original form and will not compromise your device.

What type of environment can benefit Workpath apps?

  • Any HP environments that only use cloud repositories for storage with no onsite capabilities
  • Environments that have primarily Mac users.

It's just as easy as:

  1. Authenticate at the device.
  2. Select app.
  3. Scan the document into the automated digital workflow.

Time to transform your print environment:

HP Workpath apps platform can allow your business to enhance the traditional print environment. Using app interfaces at the MFP that encompass the experience of mobile apps offers users an experience that today's diverse workforce expects. If you have any questions regarding HP Workpath please call Usherwood at 800-724-2119 for a non-committal discussion or message us directly on LinkedIn to get in touch with an expert.