What is the difference between Microsoft Teams and Zoom?

Zoom is a newer platform and Teams is an app from an established company.

Zoom is a much newer company while Microsoft has been around for long time. Because Zoom is a newer organization within the past year of 2020, the platform did see some issues that a newer company is more likely to experience, such as cyber breaches. People began joining private calls who were not allowed. This issue was eventually resolved, but it leaves a little hesitancy in whether Zoom has discovered all its problematic holes in the system.

On the other hand, Microsoft has been around for a very long time. For this reason, it is an established company and carries less risk of technical errors such as hacking. Teams is a newer platform for Microsoft, but it is built on a strong foundation that Microsoft has created over the years.

Zoom is much simpler and easy to use, while Teams is more complex; more features to learn about

Zoom offers a platform that is easy to use for any skill level and gives you basic functionality from video conferencing, screen sharing and recording. If you are looking for the most basic communication system, then Zoom may be the better fit for you. Zoom is only used for calls and does not integrate with other systems. Therefore, you can expect to take your calls there and go elsewhere for all your other needs. This keeps Zoom an easy and simple to learn for those who just want the necessities when it comes to communicating.

Microsoft Teams is the one pane of glass for all your needs.  It includes the actual meeting, a calendar to schedule meetings with attendees, and a chat to communicate with your members before and after the meeting. This makes teams a much more complex system than Zoom. There are hundreds of apps that can integrate with Teams allowing it to be a very versatile platform. You can also save all your files into Teams so that you do not need to go elsewhere to upload them. You no longer need to search through hundreds of emails for a conversation if you have Teams. All your private and group team conversations are saved right on the platform. It is a one stop shop for you and all your communication needs.