What You Need to Know about Modern Multifunction Printers


Today's office has more operations than ever before. Think about it - instead of just printing or copying, you're now printing, copying, scanning to email, saving documents digitally, and more.

That's where the multifunction printer or MFP comes in to help. The multifunction machine meets all your office needs in one package. This can save money on supplies, print management, and productivity as your office will also streamline operations, traffic, and use with one simple machine.

What You Want to Know

First of all, the machine is simple to use but advanced as far as functionality and ability. You will appreciate having additional volume and capacity, the easy switch to organized digital files when you convert them by scanning, and proper output to match the pace your office is going.

Employees love the one-stop-shop for output and appreciate the multifunctionality of the MFP. If you're a little on the fence, ask around and see what tools your teams would love to have.

From increased security to additional finishing features, an MFP can help your business get ahead.

Time to Upgrade?

It might be time to upgrade if you can see how an MFP would match and elevate your business needs. When you're ready to move ahead, the advanced technology of the multifunction printer will meet your business needs and increase employee productivity while saving you money in the long run.

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Printers aren't always the most inspiring piece of equipment, but once you realize what your printer COULD be doing - that is enough for most companies to make a change. We hear you - talk to our team at Usherwood Office Technologies today.