Managed Print

Managed Print Services | Usherwood Office Technology

Usherwood’s legacy managed print services combine over 30 years in the copier and printer industry. Usherwood services over 11,000 printers and copiers and we monitor those endpoints with our Odyssey Global platform. Usherwood professionals have the ability to analyze your printer fleet environment, architect and design a more streamlined workflow that reduces the print volume and saves on costs associated with print. Add more print security, control and reporting without disrupting IT infrastructure

 Fleet Optimization

Upon assessing your print environment, we review all volumes associated with print output devices. Usherwood’s Odyssey Discovery is a deep dive analytical review of your current fleet with discipline towards optimizing paper-intensive workflows towards low-cost print engines. In addition, Usherwood works with our clients to standardize print fleets to reduce administration and inventories associated with print. Mobile printing allows users to securely print documents from mobile devices from anywhere in the world. 

 Supply Fulfillment

Odyssey Tracker IT Services proactively monitors and reports on your monthly, weekly, and daily print volumes for businesses in Rochester, Boston, and beyond. The Usherwood Technical Assistance Center (TAC) receives alerts for low supply conditions from Odyssey Tracker and your supplies are replenished without the need to call us. This allows our clients to increase important floor space and gives them the assurance that they are using the correct supplies for the print output device.

 Print Job Routing

Usherwood professionals establish workflow rules that are supported by software to route jobs to the most effective printer for those jobs. Print job routing allows our clients to optimize low-cost print engines so they may reduce the overall expense for print in their companies. Scan, index, and archive for fast document retrieval.

 Control Your Costs

Our Odyssey Business Process Optimization (BPO) suite of solutions allows Usherwood to offer support in more complex print environments by providing tools that address cost center accounting and departmental chargebacks. In addition to IT services and document solutions, we have the ability to add mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones into an integrated and secure print environment.

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