Usherwood constantly seeks out the latest technology in order to provide customers with the most up-to-date office equipment. We think it is imperative to not only adapt with the technological climate, but also be ahead of it. Providing new solutions allows us and our clients to innovate competitively in the workplace. For this reason, Usherwood has partnered with Verkada, to provide our clients with the latest cloud powered video surveillance technology, to keep their environments secure.

What are Hybrid Cloud Powered Video Security Cameras?

Verkada’s security cameras help to create a safe environment for your organization by utilizing a solution that combines enterprise video security and access control into a seamless natively integrated platform. Verkada’s video security is smart, scalable, and simple to use.

Hybrid Cloud Video Security combines powerful edge-based processing with the limitless capabilities of cloud computing. Command Platform provides a centralized web-based platform where users can find the footage they need in seconds. Other features include, Motion Detection, People Analytics, and Vehicle analytics, which allow teams to quickly search across their organization to find relevant footage, eliminating the need to scrub through footage manually. There are four camera models to choose from; Dome Series, Mini Series, Fisheye Series, and Bullet Series, allowing you to choose the camera that is the right fit for your organization.

Dome Series

Built for durability, Verkada’s Dome Series delivers enterprise grade security in a wide range of options for any indoor or outdoor environment. Each dome features a discreet vandal-proof design, simple installation, and 8x more processing power than the previous generation.

Mini Series

Designed for flexibility without compromising on image quality, Verkada’s Mini Series delivers enterprise grade security with powerful performance for advanced edge-based analytics. With minimal form factors, Verkada mini cameras are perfect for high traffic- indoor environments.

Fisheye Series

Verkada’s fisheye captures footage in a dynamic panoramic 180°, with options for wide-viewing angles or breaking down any area into quadrants. Capable of being mounted inside or outside, this camera is suitable for any number surveillance needs.

Bullet Series

Verkada’s Bullet Series delivers enterprise-grade security with leading edge-based processing and onboard storage in a new, bold form factor. Built to withstand the toughest environments, the Bullet Series features a sealed aluminum housing, ensuring cameras stay protected with an IK10 and IP67 rating.

Why use Verkada’s Hybrid Cloud Cameras?

Verkada’s line of hybrid cloud cameras leverage powerful on-board processing to deliver advanced AI analytics across your organization. All cameras include built-in video retention including up to 365 days continuous recordings. Other benefits include:

Simple install

All that’s needed is a PoE connection. No NVRS, DVRs, or servers- ever.

Unlimited scale

Manage any number of cameras and sites from a centralized platform.

Always Secure

All footage is secured with industry leading end-to-end data encryption.

Improve operational efficiency

Filter Based Search

Quickly filter footage across cameras by time and date, or with intelligent insights like clothing, color, face, face matches and vehicle make.

Event-Driven History

Instantly see any moment where people or vehicles were detected in frame bringing greater speed to finding meaningful footage.

Simple Sharing

From any device, instantly share a link via SMS to live camera feeds with first responders or export and email MP4s for seamless sharing.

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