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Traditional communication methods still have their place in the modern office, but they are slowly being replaced with innovative products and IT solutions Boston businesses use to protect infrastructure. Tools like video conferencing, instant messaging, and smart boards are changing the way we communicate. These communication tools will allow you to integrate technology in a way that enhances the likelihood of comprehension and retention.

Solutions like video conferencing also allow employees and customers alike to meet anytime, regardless of the physical location of those needed to be present in the meeting. Integrating video into your office technology makes collaborating simpler, more professional, and personalized.

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Usherwood's video conferencing solutions in Boston are ideal for providing high-quality video and audio in small huddle rooms, conference rooms, and larger corporate board rooms. Dynamic video conferencing should also blend with your current Boston network security infrastructure and business phone systems to be truly effective. We take a number of factors into consideration when determining which video conferencing solutions will make the most sense for your organization. Our team of experts will design video conferencing networks that will transform your meeting rooms into collaborative environments that promote enhanced teamwork with staff, vendors, and clients. 

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Written text can convey an important message. Spoken audio can do the same thing. But how much is 'lost in translation'? Albert Mehrabian speculated that communication is:

  • 7% verbal (the words you use)
  • 38% intonation (how you say it)
  • 55% non-verbal (visual cues)

With that being said, having the ability to see the person speaking will greatly reduce the prospect of miscommunication. Video Conferencing also adds that 'personal touch' by allowing someone to be in the same room, even if they're a thousand miles away. 

Usherwood offers a wide array of technology to help boost your office's productivity. Browse our products to learn more.

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